Badge Photography and Processing

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Badge photography & processing


Many public and private sector employers and school districts require photo identification badges for employees and contractors to help ensure security. Mobile Fingerprinting’s badge photography and processing service allows us to quickly and easily capture a digital photo of the applicant via our nationwide network of Livescan sites. We can also produce F.S. 1012.467 compliant badges.


Through our Mobile Fingerprinting Stations’ digital cameras, we can quickly and easily capture a digital photo of your new hire. We have developed photo capture capabilities within our Mobile Fingerprinting Station units through the use of industry leading webcams that use auto-focus and facial recognition technologies to ensure crisp, clear images. Advanced imaging algorithms are implemented within our software to optimize the brightness and contrast of each photo we collect. The photos we capture can be saved in a number of formats including JPEG, GIF and BMP and at a variety of image resolutions.


Mobile Fingerprinting can produce identification badges custom-designed to meet your needs. After capturing a digital photo of your applicant/employee via the Mobile Fingerprinting Station webcam, badges can either be produced automatically, or you can electronically request the badge production through Badges can be produced by Mobile Fingerprinting to meet your specific compliance and security requirements.